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Mbuni: Open Source MMS Gateway

Commercial Products and Services

Mbuni is provided at no charge to you by the copyright holder. This page lists commercial products and services provided to enhance Mbuni in a number of ways.

Professional Services

For those times when you require dedicated, priority support to get started with Mbuni, or to keep your installation ticking over nicely, Skycore provides support services to fit every need and budget. For additional information, please fill out the form below.


We also create and offer nice little extras to give your Mbuni installation more traction.

Item Description
VAS Gateway GPRS/EDGE Modem (MM1) Plug-in This module enhances the Mbuni VAS Gateway with support for sending and recieving MMS using a GPRS/EDGE modem (MM1). This removes the need for an MM7 connection to the operator MMSC. With this module, the VAS Gateway exchanges MMS with the MMSC over a GPRS/EDGE/CDMA connection to the network. Full VAS Gateway functionality is supported, including multiple operator connections per installation, flexible message routing, traffic logging, message filtering, etc.

This module provided by Skycore LLC.
VAS Gateway DRM Plug-in This module provides Digital Rights Management (OMA v1.0 and the older x-drm header usage) content wrapping inside a multimedia message (MMS). With this module you can conditionally prevent content recipients from forwarding select content. Supports SMIL, Base64 & Binary encoding, and some non-standard mime types.

This module provided by Skycore LLC.
MMS Audio Patent Pool License Running commercial implementations of Mbuni may require licenses for certain Intellectual Property relating to patents in MMS audio technologies (such as AMR). To obtain legal coverage and indemnify your product, please contact us for more information.

Licensing is made available through Skycore LLC.
Mbuni Commercial MMSC Licensing Commercial (Non-GPL) licensing for Mbuni MMSC installations which includes priority support, installlation assistance and configuration.

Licensing provided by Skycore LLC.


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