Mailing Lists


Mbuni: Open Source MMS Gateway

Mailing Lists

A couple of mailing lists have been setup for this project:
for all discussions related to the use of Mbuni MMS Gateway
for all discussions related to Mbuni MMS Gateway development
Choose the list that best suits your inclination. All lists are unmoderated and anyone is free to join.
To subscribe, send an email to listname-request@mbuni.org with the word subscribe in the subject line. For instance to subscribe to users@mbuni.org send email to users-request@mbuni.org with subscribe in the subject line.

Please send all other questions, comments, enquiries to info@mbuni.org


Searchable list archives are maintained on mail-archive.com: users archive, devel archive

Be Nice

The usual set of rules of good behaviour apply to mbuni.org lists as well. Such rules might include:
  • When you have a problem, try to provide as much information about your environment as is necessary to help troubleshoot
  • If you must send code fixes or change suggestions, send unified diffs, as they are easier to read.
  • Try not to incite other posters to violence.